Retreat Leadership

Retreats are powerful ways to leave our day to day lives and spend a little while nurturing our body-mind-heart-spirit! It has been my delight and joy to facilitate retreats for groups -large and small- for more than 30 years. I have collaborated with individuals in congregations, as well as statewide and national organizations, to design retreat experiences around particular themes, ideas and needs.

I use my training as an InterPlay Leader, Appreciative Inquiry Coach and my own body wisdom to create experiences that are deeply enriching and powerfully renewing. When we gather, I invite people to engage their voices, tell their stories, move their bodies, connect with one another and find rest and stillness. Each of these five basic freedoms leads us into more ease, more joy and more life as we create, play and rest together!

Please contact me if you have a group that would like to experience some time away, in order to return to their day to day lives refreshed, renewed and enlivened!

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