What Is InterPlay

What is InterPlay?

InterPlay is something that is hard to put into a few words. But here are some things that have been said about InterPlay:

  • InterPlay is a practice that helps individuals expand their awareness of body, mind, heart and spirit using movement, spoken word, voice and stillness.
  • InterPlay is a system of forms and practices designed to unlock the inherent wisdom in our own bodies and heal the splits we have between body, mind, heart and spirit. So when we talk about the wisdom of our bodies it includes all four.
  • InterPlay gives individuals an opportunity to evoke their own authenticity while having fun – sometimes alone, sometimes with others.
  • InterPlay opens the door to discovery and learning in an energetic, caring atmosphere that can cack open old patterns and free up creativity.
  • Through improvisational movement and play InterPlay renews energy, multiplies grace, creates joy, evokes insight and fosters wholeness.
  • InterPlay is grounded in an ethic of play and embedded in a context of affirmation.
  • InterPlay is healing without aiming to heal anyone or anything.
  • InterPlay opens pathways to deep connection with our truest self, with others and with the Spirit that moves in, around and through all of life.

A Brief History of InterPlay

InterPlay was born through the collaboration of Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter, two modern dancers who sought to explore the intersections of movement and spirit beyond the boundaries of religion. Playing with improvised movement, story and song they began accessing  information that was hidden in their own bodies.  They came to believe that a practice rooted in this kind of improvisation, grounded in affirmation and an ethic of play and focused on experience rather than performance could change lives. Thus the seed of InterPlay was born.

Over time these practices evolved into what InterPlay calls forms -the building blocks of the InterPlay system and the guiding principals were articulated into what InterPlay calls the Body Wisdom Tools or sometimes the Secrets of InterPlay, although there is nothing secret about them.

InterPlay can be shared in brief warm-up activities at the beginning of meetings or other gatherings. It is often shared in 1 1/2-2hr classes, but it can also be shared in longer retreat settings.

Today InterPlay is practiced worldwide. There are active InterPlay classes and groups in more than 120 cities in the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, Thailand and India. InterPlay is also used by professionals and InterPlay Leaders in many ways in a variety of settings: prisons, hospitals, hospice support groups, cancer support groups, by therapists, in spiritual companionship, in coaching, as embodied prayer, embodied Bible Study, clergy support groups and so much more.

Find out more on the interplay website at www.interplay.org.

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