Movement Prayer & Meditation -Online

Join InterPlay co-founder Cynthia Winton-Henry and me as we gather with spiritual movers and shakers from around the world to move and dance on behalf of each other -our hopes, dreams and needs- as well as our prayers on behalf of the world and the many places in which people experience pain instead of joy, fear instead of peace, and despair instead of ease. Our groups currently include people from Germany, Australia, Bali and every time zone in the United States!

Movement prayer is a powerful way to connect our body-mind-heart-spirit with one another and with that which is greater than each of us. There is often a powerful immediate sense of peace and well-being and a deep assurance that we are held and grounded in the heart of love.

You may choose one of two different groups. The groups currently gather:

Participation is on a sliding scale from $25-$49/month.

Contact me if you are interested or have more questions about this form.

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