Body Wisdom Tools Online

Join InterPlay Leaders Sharie Bowman and Nancy Pfaltzgraf to explore the eight Body Wisdom Tools of the InterPlay System (Easy Focus, Body Data/Body Knowledge/Body Wisdom, Inner Authority, Physicality of Grace, Exformation, Body Wisdom Practices, Incrementality and Affirmation and discover their potential to help you unlock the wisdom of your body, lead a richer, fuller life and foster ease, creativity and community!

Experience the power of connection through time and space as you play from your own location in an on-line community and learn some of the basic InterPlay forms that lead to ease of movement, voice, story, stillness and contact.

You can  take the InterPlay Body Wisdom Tools Online Course as a stand alone 8 week experience to help you dive deeper into powerful tools of Interplay. This course is also an element of the Long Distance Life Practice Program designed for people who don’t have easy access to a local Life Practice Program. You don’t have to enroll in the whole Life Practice program in order to take part in the online group. If you do enroll, the cost of the online group will be applied to the tuition for the whole program.  This series can also serve as a refresher if you have previously participated in the Life Practice Program or a Secrets of InterPlay Event and want to play with them in a fresh new way.

Cost: $400

Registration/Information: Call or e-mail the Body Wisdom office (510/465-2797) to register or for info about class contact Nancy at

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