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Dancing with Angels

This past Monday morning, in preparation for Leading our Monday evening Online InterFaith/InterReligious Dance Chapel* that evening, I engaged in one of my sometimes rituals and opened my box of Angel Cards, with the intention of drawing one to give me some inspiration. Two cards stuck together, so I looked at both of them. They were the angels of Grace and Purification. Grace is an angel I dance with often – in fact my name Nancy, a derivative of Ann in Hebrew means “grace”. And since one of my middle names is Ann, my spiritual director told me I was double grace!  But purification, well that’s another matter altogether. So off I went to “google” the word to see what insight there might be. Some powerful images emerged, which I shared with our Dance Chapel on Monday evening. As we danced with these angels, some powerful insights arose from the gathered community.

Then on Thursday, before our Thursday Dance Chapel I again danced with these two angels and the following poem emerged:

“Come dance with me,”
the angel said.
“My name is Grace;
You know me well”
“Awe,” I said and smiled.
“Grace** that sense of ease,
that feeling of peace,
that deep joy!”
“Yes,” she said;
“But I am also beauty in action,
and forgiveness.”
“Really? I said and asked
“What else?”
“Some say I AM
the Spirit of the Holy One
operating in you humans
to regenerate you
and give you the strength you need!”
“Awe,” I said and took a deep breath!
“But wait” her sister said.
“I also want to dance with you.”
“Who are you?” I asked
“I AM the Angel of Purification.”
“Purification,” I mused
“Why do you dance?”
“I join you to set you free
from anything that
contaminates your life-
those nagging bits of guilt!
I dance to clear your heart,
your mind,
your body,
and your spirit!”
“Awe,” I said;
I know you-
You are the angel that helps me exform***,
let go!”
So Grace and Purification
Come dance with us
and show us your gifts!”

In both chapels as the various participants danced with these angels, we experienced a letting go, a clearing out, a sense of transformation and purification. Things that were stuck in some of us seemed to be released or transformed into new wisdom. The way was prepared as one participant was moving from one place and living arrangement into a new place and a new relationship. One participant felt  deep release of energies that had been weighing her down and she found new energy and enthusiasm. Joy bubbled up and laughter emerged. Peace enveloped us and Grace moved us. Even though we gathered online -some of us in Germany, Australia, and various places within the United States- we were held together in this amazing Dance which touched us body, mind, heart and spirit and empowers us to be light and love, healing and hope with the people we meet and in the places we go!

Thank you Grace! Thank you Purification! Your dance was divine!


*The Online InterFaith/InterReligious Dance Chapel is time where we come together to embody our prayers as we dance on behalf of each other and the world.

** In the system of InterPlay we talk about the Body Wisdom Tool know as the Physicality of Grace which includes feelings of peace, joy, relaxation, contentment and so much more.

***Exformation is another one of InterPlay’s Body Wisdom Tools. It refers to releasing the energy that can get stuck in our bodies, minds and spirits

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